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al hakim bi amr allah wikipedia - biography born in 985 ce abu ali mansur was the first fatimid ruler to have been born in egypt abu ali mansur had been proclaimed as heir apparent wali al ahd in 993 ce and succeeded his father ab mans r niz r al az z 975 996 at the age of eleven on 14 october 996 with the caliphal title of al hakim bi amr allah al kim had blue eyes flecked with reddish gold, the ottoman sultans of turkey successors in romania - by the end of the 15th century the ottoman empire was in extent much like romania of the macedonian emperors had been in the mid 11th century with of course now the same capital constantinople much that seems characteristic of islam today like the domed mosque and perhaps even the symbol of the crescent are due to byzantine influence by way of the ottomans, history of palestine wikipedia - the history of palestine is the study of the past in the region of palestine generally defined as a geographic region in the southern levant between the mediterranean sea and the jordan river where israel and palestine are today and various adjoining lands situated at a strategic point between europe asia and africa and the birthplace of judaism and christianity the region has a long, the aga khan s direct descent from prophet muhammad - i am the 49th hereditary imam in direct lineal descent from the first shia imam hazrat ali ibn abi talib through his marriage to bibi fatimat az zahra our beloved prophet s daughter, jewish history jewish religion the weight of three - israel shahak was a resident of the warsaw ghetto and a survivor of bergen belsen he arrived in palestine in 1945 and lived there until his death in 2001 he was an outspoken critic of the state of israel and a human rights activist, history of science and technology in islam - endnotes in this essay i shall utilize original arabic sources in preference to relying on the differing assumptions of orientalists and modern historians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries this safe approach was adopted to a large extent also by recent scholars who wrote modern works on arabic and islamic science see fuat sezgin and george, difference between sunni and ismaili difference between - sunni vs ismaili the difference between sunni and ismaili is that sunni muslims believe in following the ways and verbal sayings of the last prophet whereas ismaili muslims is a sect of shia which differs from sunni islam sunnis believe strictly in the teachings of prophet muhammad and strongly reject any introductions exclusion and interpretations of sunah, biblical jerusalem jerusalem 101 generation word - jerusalem history archaeology and apologetic proof of scripture order galyn wiemers 250 page book jerusalem from the many online booksellers at amazon com here download a free online pdf of jerusalem here click on the book cover to download the book as a pdf